Our Raw Materials


  • Our poultry feed sales are increasing. Customers are saying that when feeding Jalaram poultry feed their poultry act hungry and their laying decreases.
    Mr.Dinesh Mishra
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    Mrs.Devika Shastri
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Quality Assurance

With an ISI certification and ISO 9001:2000 certification, jalaram Feeds is engaged in practicing safe and hygienic waste disposal and recycling processor, beside nurturing a store community environment policy. Our employees demonstrate high quality practices across the business cycle, thereby being instrument in the safety and quality commitment of the business. Our entire product range is manufactured to meet the highest quality standard and confirm to requirement of the customers. We have in-house quality controls check department that chain adheres to quality standard followed worldwide.

An advanced quality control and laboratory control system is in place to ensure quality of the feeds produced by our company. Two fundamental control systems, including physical and chemical control systems, control the most important content of the feeds, the raw material (such as corn, wheat, barley, rye, sunflower cake and bran).

These fine grains of accurate size stand tall on the expectations as they have high nutritional content and balance. They are produced after a strict feed formulation process which involves many clinical tests to ascertain the nutritive value. Balance of protein, oil, carbohydrates, fibers, ash and nitrogen free extracts are checked to acquire a minimalistic range.

We are totally committed to the manufacturing and supply of quality animal feed supplements. We at Jalaram Feeds wish to be leading manufacturers of animal feed supplements in the country by following National and International standards. We shall continually improve the product quality by involving our employees and suppliers. We fully understand customers' needs and expectations and try to exceed his expectations by ensuring quality product.